SourceSafe vs Team

Sep 12, 2008 at 4:40 PM
Hi all.
We are a small group of three developers, working with VS2008 and SourceSafe.
I just downlaoded Your book, and I'm going to read it.... I'm trying to understand if would be bettere for us to move to Team Suite or not. 

Basically, we have 2 distinct solutions : 

1) A solution that create a series of DLL
2) A solution (Web Site) that use the previous DLL

Those DLL are not strictly linked to the Web Site, they can be used also by others Solutions... That's why we put them in two different solutions.

The first solution has a configuration (Named "Final Debug") that create the DLL in a shared directory. The second solution get those DLL from the shared directory.

The problem is that when I compile the DLLs in "Final Debug", I CAN also debug the web site, but my coleagues CANNOT.

Is there something wrong in what we did ? Are there different ways to do this letting all of us debug the Web Site, no matter who was the last one that compiled the DLL project ?

Would be different/easier with Team Studio ? Which are, in a handful of words, the differences between SourceSafe and TFS in terms of source control and branching ?

Oct 26, 2008 at 3:07 PM
hi FabioG,

Don't stay with SourceSafe! I've been working with visual sourcesafe for years and years and i never really liked it although it suite you well if u don't know about other sourcecontrol or even Continious integration.

There is alot of tooling better as sourcesafe, think about subversion which is even free! :)

But Team Foundation Server is a solution to alot of problems, not only being a sourcecontrol integrated in visual studio but also:

- Template based working with for example MSF Agile
- Bug & issue tracking
- Buildserver
- Alot of reports and the ability to make custom reports.

As far as i can think about differences between sourcecontrol in vss and in tfs is:

- The speed, sourcesafe with pending changes can take an hour and TFS just a few seconds. That is all because sourcesafe is file based and TFS is on working against SQL Server.
- Ease, sourcesafe checks out in a working folder and that it. For versions u have branches and labels, but just isn't easy to work with. TFS is better integrated and for example.. it's alot easier to bugfix on an earlier version.
- check-in policies etc etc..

Raymond de Jong